Tuesday, March 27, 2007


To everyone for their genuine appreciation of our apartment and the few inquiries that came our way for those that are looking to move, we are truly flattered, thank you.

Yesterday, we accepted an offer from a young Parisian guy who really loved the space, we hope he enjoys it as much as we have. We got the price we wanted and feel fortunate to have sold the property so quickly. We're also relieved to have this off of our plates so we can focus on our move (well, we won't actually start packing until the last minute because we tend to procrastinate, but it seemed like the thing to write) and the next stage of our lives.

But we're really going to miss it here! We spent most of yesterday walking around the Plateau, people watching, croissant eating, shoe shopping (couldn't help myself), meeting up with Sanj's brother and his wife (Dixx and Neige) and I really felt thankful that I had the opportunity to live in such a funky, young, artsy, easy going area that inspired me everyday (except the really cold days, that made me cranky mostly). Our move out date is officially May 31 and we hope to enjoy our hood as much as possible before then.

Merci beaucoup Montreal, you will be missed.

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rach said...

sigh... don't go