Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OM baby photo shoot

Thank you for all your beautiful baby entries! We were so happy with the response, and all the great feedback on the collection. We ended up picking not one, but two winners for the OM baby model search. 

Introducing Venice...  

Venice and her family are preparing for a move to California so we were lucky to catch her before she jets off. Wait until you see her shots from the photo shoot. The camera adores her. Congratulations, Venice! 

Introducing Ella Grace... 

Ella is a natural in front of the camera. She was all smiles and struck a pose (and held it!) like a baby supermodel. Congratulations Ella! 

It was a great day. Old and new friends together with our little ones. Thank you to our friends, family, Lan our seamstress, and our little muses -- Avnee, Oliver and Charlie -- for helping bring this project to life. Shannon Echlin Photography you are a star! 

Can't wait to share photos from the shoot. Click here to see behind-the-scenes shots. OM baby launches Fall 2012! 

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