Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fresh snow on the ground, a frozen chicken thawing on the counter, it must be thanksgiving.... in Canada!

The one holiday Canada and the US don't celebrate at the same time (Canada is colder, therefore it harvests sooner, go figure) is the one holiday the Roy family celebrates religiously, we're religious about non-religious events, see?

So this year, we're unfortunately unable to make it south of the border for turkey basting and mashed potatoes (my job), stuffing (my brother's job), salad (my cousin's job) and the other 10+ dishes (my mother's job, we just do some token work at the end for praise, but she actually gets up early and does everything else). No men vs women Celebrity or fighting for the best spot on the couch for that tryptophan induced nap, no stuffing our faces with pumpkin or pecan pie even though we're full and the worst of it all -- no leftover (organic) turkey sandwiches! MAN!

Well turkeys, I'm going to shove my chicken in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving America, I miss you!

ps Can someone pick up a copy of the NY Daily News Monday edition? I hear OM home might be featured as part of Poppy's Handmade Market!