Monday, March 12, 2007

OM home Gets to Make a Wish Come True!

The lovely and talented Rachna Vohra joined Make a Wish Foundation recently and helped a child in need fulfill a wish.

Sweetly, the child's one wish was to have her parent's bedroom redecorated because they couldn't afford furniture and were sleeping on the floor. The foundation was kind enough to decorate the child's room (see picture).

I feel very lucky to have been asked to donate a C.C.F.C. Bolster to the cause and frankly, would have done whatever they asked of me for such a sweet and inspiring little girl! Thanks Rachna for including me in such a wonderful cause.

While being a part of the design community is wonderful, being a part of the volunteer community is even more wonderful (and addicting). Last October, I was lucky enough to be a part of a silent auction for the East Harlem School Annual Benefit and OM home products raised $300 for the school. I hope they ask me again for this year's benefit! Speaking of EHS, if you're free tomorrow night and in the New York area, EHS is holding their annual Poetry Slam to raise money for their school, should be fun!

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rach said...

Thanks for being part of this wish, Oorbee. Your donation was the perfect final touch to the room of our little wish girl's dreams!