Saturday, March 31, 2007

SIAL Montreal

Last week, it was my turn to help Sanj out with his tradeshow, SIAL Montreal. I gained 5 pounds and skipped the gym to partake in the gluttonous wonderment that is a food show. I don't care, I got to see my husband in action and that was hot.

Speaking of hot, the talented and witty Chef Ali Hassan of Lime Catering, cooked up some spicy Moroccan Lamb on day 2. The aromas wafting from the booth during his three demonstrations were a real crowd pleaser and with promise of exotic foods, he successfully lured prospective buyers over. Even I got a chance to add my own flavor by creating the recipe cards! For three days, my sister in law Neige and I passed the cards (along with tamari almonds, curry and ginger beer samples) out to overstuffed but still curious passers-by.

But the real winners were Sanjeev and his brother Kamal. The first tradeshow for their second generation family business, Shah Trading and the unveiling of their new look, I was completely floored by the 300 sq feet (almost the same size as my old NYC apartment) booth they put together. I wasn't the only one impressed, these guys connected with big buyers (HUGE) and they did so with as much respect, confidence and humility as they did with little buyers. WOW. Great job guys, I learned a lot from you last week and was happy to be a part of it.

Off to the gym!

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