Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Broken Arm? Aaah. I Got to Ride a Camel!

This picture looks CGI but it's real! I was riding a camel named Bob Marley and Sanj was on Jimi Hendrix. Our guide Rashid brought us to a valley in the Sahara Desert where we spent the night under the stars. It was a dream come true for me.

The next morning we climbed up a 100 foot dune and watched the sunrise. Because I'm emotional and everything makes me cry, it should come as no surprise that the sunrise choked me up. Sanj, always loving, pinched my cheek and told me, "that's why I love you." I wonder if he thinks that when I cry during Reality Show finales?

But I digress... Shortly after our return, I was riding my bike down the hill near my house, as I do everyday. I crossed the streetcar tracks, as I always do and then unexpectedly, my wheel got caught in the track followed by my face getting caught on the hot pavement. OUCH!

Scaphoid fracture (the worst fracture possible), broken forearm (getting worse), twisted knee (will I be able to do yoga again) and multiple bruises. Eight weeks later, I am STILL in a cast.

Seriously, in the last two years, I've learned to snowboard and surf, I rock climb and ride my bike all the time and THIS is how I break my arm? Coming home from grocery shopping? How anticlimactic.

But tonight I am excited, not sad because tomorrow morning, my cast comes off!!!!!

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TheKeyBunch said...

Hi Oorbee, thanks for stopping by the blog. Didn't know you blogged too.

Let's keep in touch!

- Sharon