Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sammelan Line

Luckily, I broke my right arm and not my left, so I was able to draw my new line without much incident. Transferring it to the computer was tough (I use the mouse with my right hand), but not impossible. I'm SUPER excited about the product line and will be sure to post pictures from the NYIGF starting this Saturday.

The new “Sammelan” line refers to Banga Sammelan (Bengali Festival), but lovingly called Sammelan. The gathering is an annual festival where the North American Bengali diaspora celebrate their "Bengali"-ness every year with families, friends, music, food and nostalgia about all things that have been Bengali in some other time at some other place. Of course, traditional Alpona adorn the halls at the Sammelan and the designer chose to capture and revive, in her products, this wistfulness for days past and traditions fading. The Sammelan line uses modern colors and pattern placement to capture time-honored shapes of traditional folk Alpona --a new and exciting take on Alpona for OM home.

If you're at the show, come visit us at booth 5506 in the Handmade section.

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