Monday, May 5, 2008

OM home in Food & Wine

Thanks to Jessica over at Food & Wine magazine for using our Middleton Row Placemats in Loreto Sweater in their May issue.

The dessert looks delicious and makes me eager for summer to come so I can pick up fresh berries from the farmer's market. It’s the perfect topping to granola, yogurt and honey!

This dish reminds me of Bonjour Brioche, a delightful bakery & cafe down the avenue on Queen Street in Leslieville. I understand that I am an emotional person and many things make me cry (ie, norther Canadian starry nights, Terms of Endearment, Kobe beef, the final results of Pussycat Dolls presents Girlicious) but seriously, their brioche was such a welcome surprise, I cried without shame. Never mind that I had no idea what brioche was, that just added to the surprise. I can't believe how very delicious the dish was, wow! But I digress…

Thanks again Jessica!

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