Thursday, August 30, 2007

OM home in the Blogs

Thank you to everyone for their support of our new 4490 line and the bathroom from which the line is based.

Toronto Craft Alert
Moving to Toronto would be so much harder if it wasn't for the super nice blogger Jen and her chock full o' resources blog, Toronto Craft Alert. She was kind enough to post our tradeshow bulletin, Thanks Jen!

Thanks also to Jan over at Poppytalk for her posting. Her continued support of OM home and other independent designers is amazing! She's taking it to the next level with her new venture, Poppytalk Handmade, a wonderful opportunity for people like me to get some exposure to her ever growing readership.

The lovely Victoria over at sfgirlbybay was also kind enough to post our tradeshow announcement. A visit to her blog is worth it to see pictures of her beautiful apartment. Thanks for the posting, Victoria!

Thanks also to:
  • Browner Brown: A delightful blog by Elizabeth from Oakland, she has some great Etsy picks as well
  • Designed for Living: A very comprehensive blog that extends beyond design into clothing and food as well. I gotsta try one of her recipes
  • Kix Inredningskoll: A swedish blog, I don't know what it says, but it looks positive, lots! of! exclamation! points!!
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