Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life with Kids Series: Send your Kids Email and Make Your iPhone Addiction Work For You!

I am always on my iPhone. Except when I'm on my computer. But still, even then I check my email on my iPhone. Hang on, I heard a ding...

Ok! Anyway, I have 1,002 cute videos and pictures of my kids on my phone: everything from Avnee's first steps to sitting on the potty "reading" the economist. With my son, the videos are a little slow going (second child syndrome) but at almost 10 months, his milestones are coming fast now and I am happily recording them. Of course, there are tons of photos and videos of both of them together because, what could be cuter?

Rohan's Birth Day
So what do I do with 1,002 videos and pictures?  I've always emailed the super cute ones to the grandparents (who live far away), but sometime around Rohan's birth, I created email accounts for each child and added them to the distro list.

Avnee's First Haircut, Live Long and Prosper!
With each email (time-stamped, I might add), I also send a note to future Avnee or Rohan, to let them know what we were doing and how cute they are / proud of them I am / silly Mama is / all of the above.

Rohan's First Smile
I've also asked the grandparents to send emails. Sometimes it's a silly Happy Birthday email, and sometimes it's a "to Avnee on your 16th Birthday" heavy type stuff. I think my parents are pretty cool and I'd like the adult versions of my kids to know that.

First Time Snuggling!
 I think it's wonderful we have the opportunity to capture all the precious moments in our child's life as opposed to the fleeting photos we all have from our own childhood. But I do miss reminiscing over the worn and faded pages of a photo album. I always planned on making albums but it becomes less and less a part of the culture as things get more digital. Plus, when my kids are older and they claim I didn't hug them enough as babies, I'll tell them to do an email search for "hugs." Evidence, people, E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.

First Picture of the Roy Shahs
I'm sure I'm not the only one doing this... Do you do the same or how do you archive your family memories?  

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Allison said...

This is such a sweet idea! I feel so much pressure trying to archive all the pictures I take and everything just ends up sitting on my computer.