Saturday, December 8, 2012

OM home's List of Great Gifts for Infants, made in Canada

This year, there's a new OM baby here, my son Rohan!

He is my muse, my inspiration, my little dude, my snuggle monster, my happy muscle man.

He also has a lot of hand me downs from big sister, Avnee and big cousins, Neelan and Nevan.

So how do I shop for a kid who doesn't need anything and doesn't know how to ask for anything? Well, I asked my super awesome mama group for some helpful hints on items their kiddos are currently drooling over (literally). Here's what we've come up with*:

2012 Gift Guide for Infants

a. Cloud Mobile Raincloud by The Butter Flying. Every baby has a mobile but this one is just so dreamy! They have lots of different sizes and shapes but this one is my fave. Handmade in Montreal, Canada. Available on Etsy, $26
b. Baby Slippers by Padraig: A must have for all babies this winter. Super warm and most importantly, they stay on little feet. Handmade in North Vancouver, Canada. Available at Kol Kid, $36
c. Frog Hand Puppet by Cate and Levi. Avnee loves her pig puppet, Rocco the pig so much, if Rocco tells Avnee to brush her teeth, she does. If mama tells her, she throws the toothbrush in the toilet. I'm starting early with Rohan. Made in Toronto, Canada. Available at Baby on the Hip, $28
d. Ringley Junior Teether by Ringley: My poor little guy is cutting 3 teeth this week! Please help him. Made in Toronto, Canada. Available at Balafant Boutik, $17.99
e. Organic Rabbit Rattle by Dress Me Up: Perfect toy! Soft, musical, and easy to grip. Handmade in Victoria, Canada. Available at Lusso Baby, $32.95
f. Floor mat by Wooli: We're super excited to join her in a holiday Trunk show at Lil Bean and Green on December 14, 2012 (more details to come) cuz her stuff is really sweet. Handmade in Toronto, Canada. Available at Little Peeps, $
g. Sophie Tether Strap by Josh and Teo: I'm not going to lie. I am addicted to Tether straps. I have them on the stroller, around a sippy cup, on Rohan's jacket, on Avnee's gloves and hat,  on the car seat, and right now on my t-shirt. Get one. Immediately. Get 10. You won't regret it.  Handmade in Toronto, Canada. Available on Etsy, $10
h. Yali, the Handmade Animaux by Raplapla. Lots of different textures and little pieces for baby to grab onto. Machine washable, perfect for when he drops it on the ground at a rest stop on the 401. Handmade in Montreal, Canada. Available at Ella & Elliot, $38
i. Animal Cloth Baby Book by Livwelltoys. It's never to early to start reading books to your baby. Especially ones they can gnaw on while you read it. This one has different textures and animals on every page. Cute! Handmade in Ottawa, Canada. Available on Etsy, $30
j. Robot 'R' by Rachel Riordan. Original art for an original guy! These prints are limited edition and signed by the artist. Each letter has a different design. Printed in toronto, Canada. Available at Planet Kid, $40
k. Musical Owl with Pull String by mimishop: An adorable Etsy find, just pull the cord and Brahm's lullaby plays for 2 1/2 minutes. Super cute and thankfully, during the times my daughter pulls the cord over, and over, and over, there are no batteries required. Handmade in North Vancouver, Canada. Available on Etsy, $30

Thanks to Caroline, Atousa, Bridget, Daphne, Sharon, Zeynep, and their little cuties.

*  slightly tweaked to include only products made in Canada

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