Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holly Dyment Design

Today I had the privilege of meeting the lovely and talented Holly Dyment who was kind enough to both invite me into her home AND to view the OM home line. While there, she *gently* reminded me that I needed to update my blog (she's right!) so I thought posting about her would be an awesome way to get back into blogging.

Our shared love of all things Tricia Guild, color and India brought us together on this wonderful spring day. After seeing her amazing house in last month's issue of Canadian House & Home, I was THRILLED to have the chance to see the live show, Holly's house is truly stunning!

Cascading down the walls in her main living space (pictured above) are different but equally vibrant faux finished murals that Holly stenciled herself. The scanned pictures here don't do the walls justice, there is so much depth to the patterns, it's like sitting in a sari shop in India watching the sari walla wave the latest styles. My favorite is pictured above, the classic Indian look of the light blue and purplish pink against the textured gold background reminds me of one of my mom's most precious saris.

I think the egg chair is the most versatile piece in the room. I love the way the chartreuse color both ties in with the wall color and accents the spicy reds, fuchsias and pinks in her living area. I also appreciate the modern touch of the egg chair and how it ties in with the zebra wood floors.

Holly's kitchen is so bright and fun! She hand painted the dining table herself using an inexpensive table as her base. It looks amazing and it's one of a kind!

The entryway itself is quite stunning but I was really thrilled by the staircase and walls, green and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I don't remember the pink bedroom but I love all things pink, especially that headboard!

The walls in the bedroom are stunning. The headboard has a similar shape as the one above but is done in a different way. It's so elegant and classic and ties in well with the look and feel of the room.

Sanj and I are planning a trip to Morocco and the wall on the right reminds me so much of Riad website that I love for it's colors and patterns, Dar Cordoba.

There were other parts of the house that aren't pictured but are equally as stunning. Holly is a kindred spirit indeed and I feel so privileged to have met her and spent time with her in her lovely home.

Holly, thanks for reminding me to update my blog!


Jenny said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Apartment Therapy and totally fell for this gorgeous home. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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