Friday, October 12, 2007

Etsy Buy: Ceramic Owls

While I was away visiting family in New Jersey, I received my next etsy purchase, lovely Ceramic owls from Fruit Fly Pie out of Tabor City, North Carolina. A popular shop with lots of vintage style ceramics and embroidered linens, Wendy, the crafter behind Etsy, was a pleasure to buy from!

Ceramic Owl Spoon Rest Vintage Design Spring Green, $14

Ceramic Owl Scrubby Holder or Ashtray 70s Orange, $9.99

I wanted something vintage, colorful and crafty for the kitchen to go with the scheme of our open concept living/dining/kitchen area and I think these are a great fit for the space. Sanj thinks they're too crafty for his taste, mainly because the brush strokes are visible and the glaze isn't opaque (unlike the picture) but we both love how unique and colorful the pieces are, a great addition to the space! Nicely done Wendy!

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